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Coober Pedy South Australia
About Coober Pedy Opal Info
Coober Pedy is acknowledged as one of Australia's most prolific Opal mining centres. The landscape or rather the moonscape is dotted with mine sites and is considered too dangerous to allow public access, warning signs are everywhere. Coober Pedy is located along the Sturt Highway, 547Klm North of Port Agusta South Australia.
Opal Fossicking: Coober Pedy
Public Fossicking
Public fossicking or Noodling is allowed in an area on the Eastern fringes of the town known as the Jewell Box. This area is used as a mine dump and it is possible to luck onto a nice piece of opal, certainly some coloured potch.
For the Tourist
Coober Pedy has everything to offer for the tourist visiting this type of area, plenty of Opal Sales Shops and Jewellers, two good caravan parks, a hotel and an adequate range of shops to replenish essential supplies, all fuels are available including L.P.G.
Coober PedyTourists are well catered for with access to underground homes and other unique short driving bus tours of the towns major features and the Breakaways remote area. a game of golf is a unique and fun challenge at Coober Pedy; "Specking" a piece of Opal while walking around the golf course or town is always possible.
Where to Fossick / Noodle
The Jewell Box area is the designated fossicking area at Coober Pedy. Looking for Opal is carried out by moving the overburden dumped from the mines with a small pick and shovel / spade to expose stone to the sunlight. Thoroughly check the stones for any signs of potch or "Colour".
Opal colours can be made more visible in the sunlight by squirting the stones with water sprayed from a household squirt bottle. A play of colour will be seen flashing in the sunlight if you're lucky enough.
Vehicle Access
There are good bitumen roads throughout the Coober Pedy area, easily access by conventional vehicles.


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