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Gemfields of Australia
Fletchers Creek Charters TowersGemstone fossicking areas & Gemfields are listed here according to the most common types of gemstones that can be found in the more accessible regions of Australia. We have explored and fossicked at each area listed and aim to provide general information about the area, including where to fossick, vehicle access, accommodation & attractions.
Where to Find Gemstones
Precious Opal
NSW: Lightning Ridge
South Australia: Coober Pedy , Andamooka, Mintabie
Queensland: Opalton, Yowah
Sapphire Fields
Topaz Fields
Victoria: Beechworth
Queensland: Mt Surprise, O'Briens Creek
Tasmania: Killiecrankie
New South Wales: Torrington
Garnet Fields
Northern Territory: Harts Range
Queensland: Fullarton River
Zircon Fields
Queensland: The Mud Tank , Sapphire
Quartz Regions
New South Wales: Mt Hope, Inverell
Victoria: Beechworth, Mooralla
Western Australia: Yellowdine Lake
Queensland: Cloncurry
Norther Territory: Wave Hill
Peridot Fields
Queensland: Chudleigh Park
Victoria: Mortlake
Moonstone Regions
Queensland: Moonstone Hill
Prehnite Fields
Northern Territory: Wave Hill


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