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Topaz Information
Topaz is a hydrous silicate of Aluminium and Fluorine, it often occurs in acid igneous rocks, such as granite,Rough Topaz Found at O'Briens Creek NQ where crystals may occur in pegamites. Topaz is often associated with fluorite, cassiterete, and beryl.Gem Quality Topaz is found in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. The most popular Gemfields in Australia for fossicking are Mt Surprise Queensland, Beechworth Victoria, New England area New South Wales and Killiecrankie Flinders Island off Tasmania.
Topaz Distinctive Features
Faceted TopazTopaz can be pale amber to clear prismatic crystals with a perfect basal cleavage on 001. Common natural colours in Australia are clear, pale honey yellow, pale blue. The Topaz Crystal system is Orthorhombic and topaz has a hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs Scale.
Where to Find Topaz
New South Wales
Eastern Victoria
Topaz Properties
Aluminium fluorine silicate
Crystal System
Refractive Index
1.610 - 1.638
Specific Gravity
3.53 - 3.56

Topaz Fields: Queensland
Mt Surprise - O'Brien's Creek & Elizabeth Creek
Mt Surprise Topaz FieldsThe Township of Mt Surprise is the launching place for Elizabeth Creek and O'Brien's Creek Topaz Fields. Mt Surprise is a very small outback Queensland Town located 257Klm south west of Innisfail. Travel west along the Kennedy Highway, turn right at the junction of the Kennedy Highway and Gulf Developmental Road, travel a further 56Klm and you will discover Mt Surprise.
Mt Surprise Topaz FieldsMt Surprise has a Hotel, General Store/Post Office, two Caravan Parks, a Police Station and a Major BP Service Station. There is also a small Caf, Gem Shop and a small Museum.
Where to Fossick
View Mud MapThe Designated Fossicking land is centred round Elizabeth and O'Briens Creeks. This is part of an Outback Station and Private property. Access must be respected for there are many cattle and wild animals that roam the property, care must be taken when driving on the property.O'Briens Creek Topaz Fossicking areaTo find Elizabeth Creek, turn right at the Mt Surprise Police Station and continue north approximately 23Klm, where you will meet Elizabeth Creek. Looking to the right is the Camp Ground; this is a good place to stay and is the only place sanctioned by the property owner. The Camp has good water, male and female showers and toilet. There is a small camping charge.To find O'Briens Creek, continue on through Elizabeth Creek for approximately 7Klm, you will come to O'Briens Creek along this track. Many tracks emanate from this area. We have enjoyed success in various locations along the Creeks as there is plenty of Topaz throughout the area. The area was mined extensively for tin in the early days when there was little or no interest in Topaz; this was thrown away by the miners along with Aquamarines and Quartz. Fossicking is best after heavy wet season rains.
Vehicle Access
O'Briens Creek Fossicking for TopazLimited access by conventional vehicles, depending upon time of the year and how much water is in Elizabeth Creek. A 4WD is best or at least high ground clearance vehicles. A 4WD is required in the more adventurous locations but in general it is the ground clearance and general robustness of the 4WD that is required. The main gravel road can be quite rough.
Fossicking Method
Large quantities of Topaz are associated with Alluvial Gravels in and around the creeks and tributaries and also where it has been released from the decomposing granites. Generally the wet season rains and subsequent floods tend to wash the Topaz toward the creeks and gravel deposits. Dry Sieving is the method used most frequently; we use a Shaker Box and shovel/bucket the Alluvial Gravels directly into the Shaker Box. Rocking the Box backwards and forwards rapidly soon separates out the gravels and dust. You are left with the lager pebbles and stones. The Topaz is easily identified as clear or frosty crystals or waterworn rounded pebbles ranging in size up to 2 or 3cm in diameter (see photo above). The most common colours are clear (Silver) or very light blue and occasionally a very light honey coloured crystal is found but in this area mostly clear or light blue Topaz is found.
Topaz Fields: Victoria
The area centred on Reedy Creek between Eldorardo and Beechworth has produced some good crystals of Topaz, Citrine and Clear Quartz in the creek gravels and banks. This area needs substantial rains to wash the soils and gravels into the many small creeks in the area. Care must be taken not to infringe upon National Parks in the area.
Topaz Fields: Tasmania
Killiecrankie Bay
Killiecrankie Bay on the northern end of Flinders Island often produces some outstanding Crystals. These are obtained by combing the beaches at low tide and by digging and sieving the beach below the high water mark, best at low tide. Crystals from Killiecrankie Bay are known as Killiecrankie Diamonds.
Topaz Fields: New South Wales
View Mud MapTorrington is a small town in the New England district of NSW. This area produces a wide variety of gemstones and minerals. Creeks between Emmaville and Torrington produce Topaz, Quartz varieties and even the accessional alluvial Diamond or Sapphire. Generally the area north of the Severn River is noted for its Topaz.
November Birthstone - Topaz
It is believed that Topaz is an excellent stone for relaxation and comfort. It can calm the nervous system and lesson tension. It is also said to benefit the blood. Topaz is one of the Zodiac Birthstones for Saggitarius, covering November 23rd - December 22nd. Topaz has an affinity with Leo, Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini. See the zodiac birthstone chart for other stones for Saggitarius.


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